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The importance of contacting a GOOD Feng Shui Master

Unfortunately, due to there being no regulations on who can perform Feng Shui Consultations, it is possible for someone to pick up a book and claim to be a Feng Shui Master and in my experience as a Feng Shui Consultant, I have met many people who have previously hired a “Cowboy Feng Shui Consultant” (as named by one of my clients) and been instructed that they would need to change one side of the home to full solid glass walls so that they could attract sunlight to cure the bad stars present in their house… It turned out that their home was actually really good for everyone that lived there and we only had to apply a few small cures to make the most of the home.

I would just like to confirm that the above story is actually true and I will not name the consultant that advised this but sadly they are still practising Feng Shui as a business which is why you must take a lot of precautions when choosing a Master.

When selecting a Feng Shui Master, please consider the following:

  • Always check their background – A good Feng Shui Master will have a web site with a history about their studies 
  • Ask lots of questions – Feel free to ask as many questions as you like, a professional will be able to answer your questions without referring to a book
  • do not tell the Master anything about your life – A good Master will be able to explain how the flying stars can and may already have influenced the life’s present in your home or office.

To find out more about a Feng Shui Master Consultation and how to get it right, please click the link below

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