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Phoenix Institute of Feng Shui

Mailing Address:
Phoenix Institute of Feng Shui
4747 E. Elliot Road #29-446
Phoenix, AZ 85044-1629
Attn: Mark Singer, Kim Bongiorno
Toll Free: 888-804-6888
Phone: 480-598-1388
Fax: 480-496-5936
Web Site:
Courses taught in Phoenix by Roger Green::
Module 1: Foundation and Form School: The Journey begins
Module 2: Feng Shui Astrology and the I Ching
Module 3: The Four Pillars of Destiny and The Feng Shui Horoscope
Module 4: Lopan compass and Flying Star
Module 5: Practical/site visits
Other trainings offered: Sacred Geometry Certificate Course Parts 1 & 2
Vastu Shastra Certificate Course Parts 1 & 2
Oriental Diagnosis and Food Energetics
Advanced Four Pillars
Advanced Astrology of the I Ching
Advanced Tzu Wei Astrology

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